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  • Professional conference system YC845

  • Professional conference system YC845

  • Professional conference system YC845

  • Professional conference system YC845

Professional conference system YC845

Professional conference system support video tracking YC845

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YC845 Central control unit  

With the multiple-conference is more and more popularization. The requesting of the meeting equipment are higher for the multi-functional meeting room. it needs the function of video camera audio-track, voting,  electing, and interpretation in lots of the discussion meeting situations.Our company developed the multi-functional meeting control system on the base of summarizing the experience of multiple-conference and speaking system for many years. This conference system designed by the latest digital technology in 

This conference system designed by the latest digital technology in accordance with IEC914 and ISO standards. It’s a highly effective Multifunctional meeting system for a meeting oR conference, and it's easy to setting-up, debugging and using without training

Professional conference system YC845


  • Adopting digital audio, hi-fidelity , Build in mute function and easily to setting. 

  • Capable of telephones connection for remote teleconference.

  • LCD display for status information and configuration.

  • The CU has Three trunk outputs for the loop-through connection of contribution units.The CU can connect 60 units and possible to connect 30 contribution units to each

    trunk output. 

  • Up to 120 Contribution units by add Central control for extension connection of conference units.

  • Four operational microphone modes: 

    1. Limited mode: allows selection microphones, which can be simultaneously active.(1/3/6)

    2.FIFO mode: delegates can override each other simply by activating their microphones. (1/3/6) 

    3. Chairman only mode: only chairman can speak 

    4. Free mode: The entire unit can be activated. 

  • The number of open microphones between 1 or 3 or 6 (Limit and FIFO mode) and Infinity (Free mode).



YC822M Main Machine




MIC 6.3mm×1  RCA×2



power supply


current drain


frequency response







Dark Gray

YC845C Chairman microphone/ YC845D delegate microphone 

YC845 series is a new desktop discussion unit which includes a chairman unit (YC845C)and delegate unit (YC845D). The Chairman unit has priority of the whole meeting and can terminate or discontinue other delegate units who is speaking.

Professional conference system YC845


  • Chairman priority button, When pressed the chairman priority button causes all currently active delegate microphones to be permanently muted.

  • Built-in loudspeaker and pluggable microphone 

  • The built-in loudspeaker, automatically muted when microphone is on or headphones are connected. 

  • Rotary volume control for adjusting built-in loudspeaker volume or headphone volume(when headphone connect) 

  • Light ring indicator on microphone stem, lights up red when microphone is on. 

  • Microphone button with a red or green illuminated ring LED. Green indicates microphone is active, red indicates request-to-speak not accepted.


Power Supply: DC24V supplied by the central unit 

Power Consumption:40 mA 

Interface Type: BP-DIN 

Earphone Output:3.5mm stereo jack 


Earphone impedance: 8-32 omh 

Connecton Mode: Daisy Chain 

Crosstalk Attenuation: >80 dB

Speaker Power: 2W 

Miarophone Type: Condenser 

Polar pattern: Ultra Cardioid 

Frequency response: 100hz-14KHz 

Signal-to-Naise Ratio: >80 dB 

Sensitivity:47 dBV/Pa

Length of Micrphone:420mm 

Color: Silver/Gray Black

Dimensions: (W)200x(H)56x(D)130 mm



Professional conference system YC845

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